By now, your year-end fundraising strategy should be in full swing; if not, let’s roll. It’s surprising how many radio stations miss out on year-end fundraising. People are giving out free money in December; all you have to do is ask.

Nearly three out of ten Americans (28 percent) say they would make end-of-year donations to charities to receive income tax benefits. You might be surprised, but 30 percent of the projected $300 billion in total annual contributions to charities are made during December, and 10 percent, or $30 billion, come during the year’s last 48 hours. This is why I am in total shock when I hear of a station that doesn’t do year-end fundraising.

So, again, why are you not planning your year-end strategy? I know very few radio ministries that don’t need more money and have a vision for more outreach.

Ok, let’s look at a few things to put on your radar for year-end giving. First, have a goal for all of December. Yes, I said a month’s goal. I would begin your campaign on Giving Tuesday. You might be surprised to learn that Giving Tuesday campaigns brought in over $1.9 billion in donations. Giving Tuesday in 2019 raised over $511 million just online, which is a 28% increase from 2018’s Giving Tuesday results. Everyone on TV, online, at work, etc., are talking about Giving Tuesday. Make sure you have an on-air and digital plan so your station receives some of those donations.

I highly suggest a year-end fundraiser after Giving Tuesday. I would do a minimum of two days. With time spent listening being only 9 minutes, the chance some of your audience will miss a one day fundraiser is possible.

The last 48 hours of the year need to be your focus after your year-end fundraiser. What are you doing the final 48 hours of the year on-air and digitally to capture donations? Again, $30 billion will be given away in the final two days of 2020; why not be ready to capture some of those dollars for your ministry.

The Vidare Creative team is working around the clock, getting our clients ready for December. We are not going to miss out on the biggest giving month of the year giving. My encouragement to you and your team, get your strategy ready for year-end giving.


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