I enjoyed listening to Mike Meyers at Fundraising 21. Mike engaged the attendees in two sessions. I loved his “Maximized Mid-Level Giving, 9 Keys to Growing Your Mid-level Donor Program” session. Mike taught us why organizations should focus on mid-level donors, the profile of a mid-level donor, how to identify your mid-level donors, and starting a mid-level donor program. 

I learned that mid-level donors tend to generate a great net return on an organization’s investment. We all want consistent givers, and we find that with the mid-level donors. You also find higher mention rates than your general donors in this segment. In some organizations, a mid-level donor provides more than one-third of the organization’s revenue, not to mention you’ll find a larger lifetime value in this group of donors.

If your station is working on estate planning then mid-level donors are for you. They often are willing to include a nonprofit organization in their will or estate planning.  

Who is your mid-level donor?  

  • 65% female
  • Age 50-64
  • Usually give additional gifts rather than larger gifts
  • Suburban homeowners – often prosperous couples in their peak earning years
  • Business owners or executives 
  • Support 2-6 other nonprofits
  • Want to be engaged through regular communication via multiple channels.

I had to grab this quote to share with you today.

Middle donors should be viewed as a central part of an organization’s lifetime value efforts. Middle donors will be retained and upgraded far more than smaller donors and far more than major donors. They represent the most significant block of money, commitment, and loyalty.

-Roger Craver, Fundraising Consultant

I’m going to leave you with how to start your mid-level donor program

  1. Define who your mid-level donors are. (Listen to the session Mike did at Fundraising 21)
  2. Tailor your mail and digital communications to the mid-level donor segment
  3. Personal notes and showing gratitude
  4. Show them where their donation is making an impact
  5. Give them mid-level donors special access
  6. Develop a calling program.

I really encourage you to listen to this full session from Mike when he spoke at Fundraising 21, and I would encourage you to join us for Fundraising 22 this coming July in Nashville to take your Fundraising to the next level.


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