I loved having the opportunity to see everyone in person during Fundraising 21 in Nashville. Along with you, I love the chance to learn from others. No matter how much you know about fundraising, there is always more to learn. Fundraising is something that is always changing.

I loved the session with Lori Lewis. It was a real eye-opener when you saw her slide for the Internet Minute.


The choices people have today as to where they consume their information, and even decide how they want their music delivered is unbelievable. As a radio station, we need to use as many streams as we can to reach our listeners. I love that for the first time in our industry we can reach out to listeners when they turn off the radio. It’s a new day, and a great day for radio, but we have to embrace the technology that is being used by our listeners. We are no longer a radio station but a media company, or at least we should be. The need to be using Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Linked-in, along with other streams of communication is so important to the success of our ministry as a media company.

In closing I leave you with a quote from Lori Lewis who is now one of my heroes:

“People don’t care about a goal – they want to make a difference.” 

Wow, that will change your fundraiser right there.

I hope you’ll make time for Fundraising 22 next year in Nashville. You can sign up at 

This fall, go and crush your fundraiser!


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