Meet the team

The Leadership Team

Paul Goldsmith

Chief Business Officer


Paul Goldsmith is Chief Business Officer for Vidare Creative. He has served in non-profit management for over 20 years. Before co-founding Vidare, he founded Goldsmith Media Group with a focus on strategy and coaching for nonprofit professionals in media. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Marketing for CURE International. Under his leadership, the team created CURE’s first monthly giving program that grew 10x in 3 years. Paul also currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Well Outreach food pantry in his hometown of Spring Hill, TN.

Bill Scott

Chief Client Officer


Bill Scott has been fundraising for 35 years with non-profit organizations, having hosted, consulted and coached over 700 fundraisers in virtually every state in the United States, plus internationally in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Egypt, having generated over $250 million in revenue. Bill has helped Compassion International, Cross Ministries, Food for The Hungry, the Bible League, Cure International, PopWe, and many other non-profit ministries over the decades.  Over his 37-year career in radio, Bill has been involved participating in and launching successful media ministries such as Dawson McAllister Live, as well as running his own syndicated radio ministry, ZJAM Youth Ministries. Bill is also a certified life coach in the area of leadership, executive, and stress management coaching.

Dave Kirby

Chief Creative Officer


Dave Kirby has spent his entire life learning how to connect with an audience. Starting as a radio DJ at 15, Dave has spent the last 45 years in various media roles, including owning his own production company. In 1995 Dave put his experience in connecting with audiences to use in helping non-profit organizations grow their impact. Since then he has directed strategy and creative content for diverse organizations including Educational Media Foundation (K-LOVE), Compassion International, Buckner International, Alliance Defending Freedom, Biblica, Cure International, and many others. In addition, over the past three decades, Dave has directly worked with radio stations in both the U.S. and Australia to raise over $250 million in funding. He also produced and hosted 1 Simple Thing, a business podcast that received over 1.5 million downloads.

The Team

Lyn Smith

Project Manager

The Reverend Lyn Smith joined Vidare Creative in 2023. With her extensive background in communication, church and community engagement, donor relationships, non-profit growth, teaching, writing, and training leaders, Lyn galvanizes kingdom impact both within the Vidare team and with every client. 

Lyn’s experience includes Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Oklahoma Baptist Task Force on Human Trafficking, The House FM, the Advisory Board of Living Bread Ministries church planting, the Board of CNOW: City Night of Worship, Bible Study Fellowship International, Keynote speaking at events and conferences, and Co-authoring 40 Days to a Joy-filled Life for Teens with best selling author Tommy Newberry. Lyn also enjoys serving the communities of Oklahoma as an Oklahoma State Commissioner. 

Lyn has a Bachelor of Music from Trinity University and holds a Masters in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary.

Garrett Michaels

Director of Radio

Garrett Michaels is a broadcast veteran of over 30 years. He is an award winning voice talent and has hosted top rated AM and PM drive shows in Christian and secular radio from the midwest to our nations capital! Doing life behind a mic and coaching others to do the same is his passion! Garrett has programmed and helped lead on-air teams at some of the most influential Christian radio stations in the country, helping them expand coverage and  reach more listeners for Jesus. He has over 20 years of fundraising experience, which allows him to effectively coach radio teams and help them streamline their communication styles, strategies and on-air approach.

Don Burns

Fundraising Host

Don Burns joined Vidare Creative in April of 2023, and is a radio veteran of over 40 years, with most of those years spent in Christian radio. He started in Christian radio at KLTY in Dallas. He also helped start the Morningstar Radio Network (now The Salem Music Network) and 94FM The Fish in Nashville and has worked at some pretty successful non-profit stations like JoyFM in St. Louis, Shine.FM in Chicago, WPER in Fredericksburg/Richmond, and KCBI in Dallas/Ft. Worth. He’s one of those “Helper” personalities who loves to be a part of other’s success stories. Away from fundraising, he is all about family (Gramps to 5 grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter) and loves to travel – especially if it’s on a cruise boat!

Geoff Kirby

Creative Services Coordinator

Geoff Kirby (yes…THAT “Kirby”) spent his entire life growing up a “radio station rat”, watching his father work at stations all over the country. He’s spent the last 20+ years working in multiple creative fields, from artist management & record producing, to digital publication, graphic services, website development, and extensive training in audio engineering and podcast production. When the work day is done, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 girls, attempting to re-read The Lord of the Rings, grilling all the meats, and generally being creative through many different mediums for no reason other than not wasting the gifts God gave him. 

Maryanne Goldsmith


Maryanne Goldsmith spent 10 years as a public school music teacher before transitioning to working in the nonprofit world of music and arts. As with all things nonprofit, she has worn many hats including director, treasurer, and program manager. In 2020, she joined the Vidare Creative team as manager of finance and in her free time, she still gives private piano and vocal lessons in her home.


Mike Meyers

Major & Mid-level Donor Consultant

Previously, Mike served in the roles of Chief Development Officer for two large nonprofits and most recently as the CEO of Food for the Hungry.  During his time at Food for the Hungry, Mike led global strategic planning and helped to more than double the private income resulting in more support going to some of the worlds most vulnerable.  He has over 20 years of nonprofit experience in fundraising and leadership within organizations and as a consultant.  During the last 20+ years Mike has been involved in nonprofit work in over 60 countries and raised funds on 6 continents.

Andy Novocin

Technical & Financial Consultant

Dr. Andrew Novocin has been working with Christian radio ministries since 2013 to provide strategic insights into their financial data and increase on-air engagement through his fundraising platform, FNDRSNG. His most rewarding work comes from zeroing in on daily pain points and creating technical solutions to solve them.

Dr. Novocin also teaches at the University of Delaware in applications of algebraic number theory, pedagogical practices, cybersecurity, and software engineering.

Hosts & Coaches

John Brock

Jeff Scott

Larry Walters

Tom Lewis

Doug Hannah

Erin Ekstrand

Stephanie Kay

Therese Romano