The most important fundraising effort you can undertake is to keep the donors you already have. 

This toolkit will help you create those touch points to help your donor feel loved and valued.

The foundational donor retention strategy is treating your donors like human beings. Treating a donor with gratitude, respect, and friendship can be invaluable in developing an ongoing mutual relationship. 

Communicating with your donors on a consistent basis is probably the most undervalued and underutilized strategy we see. 

So talk to them often. Say thank you frequently. Invest in them and their family. Remind them of the emotion and shared mission that inspired them to give to you in the first place. 

This toolkit is designed to give you ideas and content to share with your donors all throughout the year, helping you form a bond that may just last a lifetime.

Check it out:


  • Calendar for the entire year, showcasing different topics and suggestions for connecting with your donors

  • Month-to-month descriptions, email copy, and links to help guide you through each topic

  • Scripts and caller audio for on-air donor spots.

  • An email Welcome Series introducing your donors to your ministry and how they can get plugged in.

  • Quarterly one-on-one check-in’s with Vidare to follow up on progress, questions, and new ideas

It’s more expensive and time-consuming to find new donors than it is to keep the donors you have.

Remind them of the difference they are making and how much you appreciate them. This Fundraising 365 toolkit will help.