Your Worst Fundraising Mistake

As most of you know, I’ve been doing fundraisers for decades.  I’ve been a part of over 700 fundraising events over the years. I have seen more than once, a radio station that had determined how their listeners should give.  They decided what the pure way for them to give was and the supposed [...]

Your Worst Fundraising Mistake2020-04-22T14:22:21-05:00

Are Your Fundraisers Secure?

You’ve heard about data breaches at Target, Yahoo, Equifax, and others. How many letters and Life Lock alerts have you received about somewhere you’ve shopped or provided with your payment info? They invested in security precautions and were sure it couldn’t happen to them.  Until it did. The volunteers who help answer phones for [...]

Are Your Fundraisers Secure?2020-04-22T14:23:57-05:00

GIVE Is A Four Letter Word

It’s amazing how many people who live in the non-profit world hate asking for money.  I have heard while visiting stations that, “fundraising is the necessary evil that we have to do in order to keep our station on the air.”  So I guess in their eye the means justify the end.  If this [...]

GIVE Is A Four Letter Word2020-04-13T14:06:25-05:00

Do We Want Small Gifts?

I heard someone say the other day that small gifts are not needed during a pledge drive.  All gifts are needed from everyone in your audience.

Do We Want Small Gifts?2020-04-22T14:33:01-05:00

Free Money

As a fundraiser, I get great joy out of typing these words: “free money”.

Free Money2020-04-22T14:34:41-05:00